There are few places in France which do not have its own occult or secret history.
France is incredibly rich in legends and tales of mystery, lost treasures religious diversity and persecution. Nowhere is the profusion of megalithic monuments such as  Dolmens and  Menhirs so abundant as in France.   Its  prehistoric cave paintings  are rated among the most  beautiful  in the world. The Arcadians of the old studied strange ‘phenomena’ and so engineered the Renaissance which in turn became the age of enlightenment, with help from recent literature on these matters, we in turn like true ‘Arcadians’ endeavour to shed new light in our ‘Video Magazine’ on a wide range of exiting topics.  
Et in Arcadia Ego Quercy is a French registered non profit organisation situated in the Quercy region of south west France. Our association has no ties or affiliation with any political or religious organisations.

Définition "Et in Arcadia Ego" ?

"Et in Arcadia Ego video magazine" no 1
   The secret history of "the Black Virgin of Rocamadour"


"Et in Arcadia Ego video magazine" no 2
   The Albigensian Crusade against the Cathar heresy  is the subject of the next 
     video magazine Et in Arcadia Ego


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